Riesen Artic in Yellowstone

Vi har fått e-post fra America. Riesen Artic’s Follow Me (Swix) reiste til sin familie i Stavanger, og videre med dem til Canada. Årets ferie ble lagt til USA – bl.a. Yellowstone National Park. Her er Cortney’s egne ord:

“Swix is doing great and is the most personable giant we’ve ever had. I thought I would send you a photo of Swix and the rest of my family. It is taken at Yellowstone National Park and we had just seen a bear. Out of pure luck, it looks like Swix and the family are having a very important discussion on what to do about the bear J! I thought you guys might enjoy the photo. Swix is massive but melts our hearts daily….”

Thank you so much Cortney for updates and a very nice photo!

swix in Yellowstone