O-litter and their new homes

Kasper and Enya’s puppies has left to their new homes in Sweden and Norway. It’s allways a bit sad when the leave after 8 busy weeks, but at the same time it’s good to see how they all are welcomed in their new homes and families.


FEMALE: Riesen Artic’s Oh Pretty Woman – Cava with her family:

Cava m. fam.  oh pretty woman

 FEMALE: Riesen Artic’s Over The Rainbow – Speja and her proud owner:

Speja o matte  over the rainbow

 MALE: Riesen Artic’s One More Time – Rockie with his family:

Rockie m. fam.   one more time

 HANN: Riesen Artic’s Once In A Lifetime – Kaxe with his family:

paa vei til stockholm   once in a lifetime